Wonderful Video & Image Slider

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The most powerful slider with many features! Videos, images, nested slides, and events that can be triggered in the workflow tab!
SwiperJS library was used for this plugin.


  • Nested images or videos or both!
  • Trigger events from the workflow tab!
  • Increase its functionality with Exposed States!

Pagination Options

  • Arrows
  • Bullets
  • Progress bar
  • Scroll bar
  • Fraction


  • Fade
  • Cube
  • Coverflow
  • Flip

Slide Options

  • Add text to slides
  • Add links to slides
  • Centered slide
  • Free mode
  • Grab cursor
  • Zoom (for Images)
  • Autoplay
  • Switching with mousewheel
  • Switching with keyboard
  • Lazy Load
  • Loop Mode

Video Slider Options

  • Show Controls
  • Loop Videos
  • Autoplay
  • Start muted

How to Setup

  • Draw the Wonderful Slider anywhere on the page
  • Open the Wonderful Slider's property editor
  • Define an image or file list to the "Data List" property

Plugin Element Proprieties


A Slide Double Clicked
A Slide Changed


Active Index (number)
Clicked Index (number)
Hovered Index (number)
The Nested Slide's Active Index (number)
The Nested Slide's Clicked Index (number)
Active Nested's Index (number)
A Slide Hovered (yes/no)
A Nested Slide Changed (yes/no)
A Nested Slide Double Clicked (yes/no)


Arrow Color
Border Color
Bullet Color
Progressbar Color
Scrollbar Color
Image Background

Element Actions

Add a nested slide
Add list to slider
Remove list from slider
Next slide
Previous slide

Frequently Asked Questions

When autoplay is checked in video options, the video always starts muted. In my application, I need to start unmuted with the autoplay activated, there's any way to make this work?

Regretfully, doesn't matter what browser the user will use, autoplay video with sound initially is not allowed anymore by companies/browser policies.
You can use still autoplay video with sound, only if the user interacts with your page, at least a click is required on the page made by the user to start autoplay video with sound:
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