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Enhance Your Bubble Projects with PayPal Webhooks Plugin
Transform your user experience and business workflow with our PayPal Webhooks Plugin – your key to efficient and automated PayPal event handling.
It allows you to effortlessly create webhooks for any PayPal event, from payment confirmations to subscription updates.
Ideal for e-commerce, subscription services, and more.


Our plugin offers:
  • Easy setup, no advanced coding required
  • Real-time transaction updates
  • Secure, reliable integration
  • Comprehensive support and documentation

How to Setup

1. Go to your PayPal developer account and sign in

Sign in and navigate to dashboard/applications: this section you'll get access to your Client ID / Client Secret
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2. Get an access token

After grabbing Client ID / Client Secret for your application, you'll be able to request an access token using plugin server-side actions "[PP Webhooks] Access Token Live" / "[PP Webhooks] Access Token Sandbox".
In most cases, you want to get this token once on page loading and store it in a state to use it later.
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3. Show available webhooks (optional)

If everything is ok with the previous 2 steps and you obtained an access token, you'll be able now to fetch available webhooks for your application.
For this case we should use one of the API calls "[Live] Webhook List" / "[Sandbox] Webhook List" and because those 2 actions will return a list of things, we can easily display this list in a repeating group for example.
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4. Deleting a webhook (optional)

The plugin also provides an API call for deleting unnecessary webhooks. To use it just provide a webhook ID and earlier obtained access token.
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5. Create a webhook

Now the interesting part. To create a webhook for your PayPal application use the specific plugin API call "[Live] Create Webhook" / "[Sandbox] Create Webhook".
For this step you'll need to provide an access token obtained earlier, an endpoint URL (we suppose that it will be a bubble server-side workflow endpoint) to handle data from PayPal, and an event name to subscribe to (from PayPal webhook names:
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After setting up webhooks for your needs and notifications from PayPal events, you will get messages and notifications on provided webhook URL endpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

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