Polygon.io: Market Data

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Whether you’re building a fintech startup or just need to display some financial data on your website, the Polygon.io Plugin for Bubble.io makes it easy and efficient!
Use it as a powerful tool that integrates the comprehensive financial market data of Polygon.io
It allows users to access real-time, historic, and reference data of stocks, forex, and crypto markets directly within their Bubble applications.


With this plugin, you can create dynamic and interactive financial applications, dashboards, or trading platforms without needing to write any code.

How to Setup

  1. Get Polygon.io API Key:
    1. Sign up for an account on Polygon.io.
    2. After creating an account, go to your user dashboard.
    3. Here, you will find your default API key. Copy it to your clipboard.
  1. Install the Polygon.io Plugin in Bubble.io:
    1. In your Bubble.io editor, go to the 'Plugins' tab.
    2. Search for the Polygon.io plugin and install it.
  1. Configure the Plugin with the API Key:
    1. In the plugin settings, you'll find fields to enter API keys and other necessary data.
    2. Paste your Polygon.io API key in the relevant fields.
  1. Using the Plugin:
    1. Utilize Bubble’s "Get data from external API" feature to retrieve information and display it on a Group or Repeating Group.
    2. In the "Type of Content" of the select Group, you can select options provided by the Polygon.io plugin, like Aggregates, Tickers details, or Market status.
  1. Set Up Workflows: Use Bubble’s workflows to trigger actions based on events within your app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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