Cerum Flow AI Chatbot Integration


Since December 2023 we have added a new and innovative feature to our templates, namely integration with the Cerum Flow platform.
This allows your app to have an AI-powered chatbot, that will answer any customers’ questions, within the framework of uploaded content.
Please note that this is a paid feature, thus, to use it within your app, a paid subscription to the Cerum AI platform is required! Find the subscription plans pricing available here: https://www.cerum.ai/flow


  • Identify high-value prospects within your contacts, and leverage actionable insights to engage them more effectively.
  • Equip your customer support team with an AI-powered assistant that leverages your company's knowledge base. Swiftly address customer queries, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive customer loyalty.
  • User data is Separated Automatically. Cerum Flow platform already separates (partitions) the data so that logged-in 'User A' only has access to their data and not 'User B's private & sensitive data.

Templates with included AI Chatbot feature:

Please note that chatbots within our templates are trained with documents made out of our supporting documentation, namely the following articles: ➑️General FAQs ➑️How to create a bug report ➑️How to use Rapid Dev blocks So they can answer any question mentioned there! To make the chatbot smarter, upload your own documents in our demo apps and give it a try! πŸ˜‰

How to Setup

I. Instruction for application owner:

Create & Insert Cerum Flow API keys

  • After login, once you have selected a subscription plan, enter the account dashboard and select the β€œAPI Keys” tab. Press the β€œCreate New API Key” and enter a name for your project.
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  • Add the created API key to the Cerum Flow plugin fields:
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Create Prompt templates according to your project requirements.

There is no need for any special codes here. The Cerum Flow platform understands instructions given in simple phrases. See example below:
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Create application dedicated chatbot:

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In Template Editor, find the Cerum Flow plugin element.

Take the created chatbot ID from the β€œChatbots” tab and insert it into the Cerum Flow plugin element.
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II. Instruction for application admin user:

Upload documents for chatbot training

On the application admin dashboard page, upload documents that will be ingested by the platform, to reply to application visitors’ questions.
The platform recognizes the following file formats: PDF*, CSV, JSON, and DOCX. *On the PDF files, please be sure that they don’t contain forms, which might not be unrecognized, regretfully.
See an example from the HomeBnB template:
All uploaded documents are visible both in the application (All Chats tab) and in the Cerum Flow dashboard (uploaded documents are also identified by uploader user ID):
In template:
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In Cerum Flow dashboard:
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III. See all chats

Both in template:
Image without caption
and in the Cerum Flow dashboard:
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Video Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an openAI Key?

Nope, token usage is covered by us on all plans! Tier's are based on a number of messages.

How many files can I upload?

Unlimited amount on all plans!

How many chatbots can I create?

Unlimited chatbots!

Does 1 request count as 2 messages?

Nope, a message sent & receivedΒ in your bubble app only counts as one message

Is my data secure?

Yes we use several authenticationΒ methods and store our content on encryptedΒ servers with supabase (HIPAA & SOC 2 compliant)

Can I have 2 or more applications with separate chatbots and separate ingested documents?

Sure thing, for that, within the upload action, the current user Sub-User ID is used, so:
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Have a question, or suggestion, or encountered an issue? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Please contact us by sending an email to: support@rapidevelopers.com
Want to report a bug? Please follow this guideline!

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