General FAQs

What platform this template is built on?

This template is built without code on Bubble - the most advanced visual programming platform that allows creating web and mobile apps up to 10 times faster and easier.
When you buy a template, you receive the Bubble app configuration which you can then customize through the Bubble visual editor.

How to start building an app after purchasing the Rapid Dev template?

Once you purchase the template, please do the following:
  • Go to your account and click the "New app" button;
  • In the "Start from the template" drop-down, choose the purchased template and continue with creating your new app;
  • You can create as many app copies from the template as needed (following the same steps above).
We recommend having an intermediate experience with Bubble to easily tweak this template, or at least a basic understanding to be able to work with embedded functionality.
To master your Bubble skills you can sign up for our Rapid Dev Lab courses or use these resources:

How can I customize this template?

Everything in the template configuration can be customized - design, workflows, database, and all the settings like domain, SEO parameters, etc. There is no source code for these templates per se because they are built without code :)
There are 2 options to customize the template:
1. You can customize it by yourself.
Make the first steps in using the template with our Templates Installation GuideΒ and thisΒ video.
2. Get help from Rapid Dev.
We have a team of expert developers who can assist you with ourΒ professional template customization service. They will work closely with you and guide you through the development process.
If you need any help or guidance, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you with your project πŸ˜‰

Can I translate template content to other languages?

By default, all our templates are in English. However, if you wish to change the language or create a multi-lingual website, it will require a manual adjustment.
We recommend exploring the following resources, as they should prove quite helpful:

Once the app is being used where the data will be stored?

When you create a Bubble app based on the template it will have its database and all the data will be stored there.

Is it possible to combine a few templates?

It's doable and still easier than creating from scratch. Copying visual elements is simple, but copy-pasting workflows would require manual manipulation as they are tied to the database structure.
Even if you recreate the same database structure Bubble won't automatically match the new DB fields and would show an error, so you would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn't see the DB field.
The same would have to be done with visual elements that refer to the DB in the data source or the conditional formatting tab.

What's the difference between a Standard and Developer license?

If you’d like to build client apps based on this template, please purchase the Developer license - it would allow you to build unlimited apps for any of your client projects (but not for resale as a template).
The Standard template license - allows creating applications only for your use (business or personal) and cannot be used for creating applications for third parties.
In case of failure to comply Bubble reserves the right to delete the incompliant applications on short notice. Learn more about Bubble template licenses.

What's the difference between a template’s full and lite version

Let us take for example Fundstarter template:
The dashboard page within the Fundstarter’s full version template allows managing Users and Fundraisers as well as tracking Contributions, Discussions, and Payouts, allowing also setting the platform commission.
Within the Lite version - this page is removed. This way, after a comparison, users can decide if they would like to purchase the full version with all features included or to get the Lite one, but without the admin dashboard page and develop their own admin page.

Can I host the template on my servers?

All templates built on Bubble would have to be hosted on Bubble, they cannot be hosted on the user's servers. Check the pricing details.
Once you buy the template you would be able to build as many Bubble apps out of it and customize them any way you want.

Will the Bubble branding be removed after purchasing the template?

Once you buy the template, create an app based on it, and subscribe to one of Bubble's paid plans - the Bubble branding will disappear. Check out more about pricing plans.

What are the other monthly fees I would have to pay other than buying a template?

You would need to set up an account with Bubble. You can start for free, and when you need to assign a custom domain to your app and remove the Bubble banner then you would need to sign up for one of Bubble's paid plans. Please find the details here.

I want a refund for the purchased template

Kindly note that all the Template and Plugin sales go through the Bubble Marketplace, so Rapid Dev cannot influence the payment flows or make a refund, unfortunately.
Anyway, in this case, would be better to contact the Bubble team directly atΒ and describe your case, they are quite responsive and might help you.
If you haven't found the answer yet, contact us by sending an email to:
Want to report a bug? Please follow this guideline!