CSS Animations

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This plugin allows you to add more than 40 CSS animations to Bubble elements such as groups, texts, shapes, images, and more!
You can either trigger an animation within a workflow or set a recurring animation on an element.


You can use this plugin to enhance the user experience of your application and make your pages more dynamic.

How to Setup

1. Head over to Settings β†’ General tab of your application and enable the ability to add id attributes to HTML elements.


1. Drag the "Animation" element onto your page. Add a unique ID to the element that you want to target with the animation. See a short guide here: https://docs.rapidevelopers.com/how-to-assign-an-id-to-the-element
2. Activate the "Trigger" action within your workflows (for example: after pressing of button). Choose the animation and specify the element ID of the element you want to target.

Recurring Animation

1. Drag the "Recurring Animation" element onto your page. Add a unique id to the element that you want to target with the animation.
2. Within the element inspector of the Recurring Animation element, specify the ID of the element that should be targeted, specify the animation that should be used, and choose the interval between each animation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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