Draw Image Animation

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This plugin allows you to add an animation to your app that draws out any image by first sketching the outlines using a pencil and then adding colors.
You can use this plugin to add a cool effect to your app and increase the user experience.


How to Setup

1. Go to Settings-> General of your app and expose the option to add ID attributes to HTML Elements. See a short guide here: https://docs.rapidevelopers.com/how-to-assign-an-id-to-the-element
2. Trigger the Draw action within a workflow and specify the duration and background color, as well as the element ID of the element that should be targeted.
Don't forget to add the same element ID to the element that should be targeted.
Example use case: Make image not visible on default and add a workflow -> When page is loaded-> show image -> draw image. This will add a drawing effect to your image on page load.

Frequently Asked Questions

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