Wonderful Share - Social Media

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Increase your traffic with Wonderful Share!
Install the lightweight, fast, and customizable Wonderful Share to your app and make your content easily shareable on social media.


  • Sort the buttons as you wish
  • Customizable button text
  • Customizable target option
  • Easy to install
  • Well documented
  • Responsive compatible
There is so much to share!

How to Setup

  • Find the Wonderful Share element from the "Visual Elements" tab and put it anywhere on the page
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  • Customize it and publish!

Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed there is no capacity to share via Facebook messenger - do you have, or are you planning to bring that feature in?

Regretfully, the plugin can not provide the "share to messenger" feature because Facebook Messenger itself doesn’t have such a share links option like other providers used in the plugin.
In this case, to use the share to Messenger option we suggest using theΒ Native Share plugin.
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