Focus Elements

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This plugin allows you to set focus to elements in your app by displaying a circular animation around the element.
It can be used to draw the users’ attention to a certain area/input/text etc. within your app. You can trigger a "Focus Element" Action within your workflows.


You can choose between 5 different effect types, and specify the color, the radius of the animation, and the total duration.

How to Setup

Head over to Settings->General of your app and check the box that exposes the option to add ID attributes to HTML Elements. See a short guide here:
You have access to the "Focus Effect" action within your workflows under the Plugins submenu.
Simply trigger the action and specify the element ID of the element that should be focused on as well as the effect type, color, duration, and radius.
Don't forget to input the same ID into the ID attribute field of the element you want to be targeted.

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