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This plugin allows you to generate and download files within your bubble application! You can also specify if the files should be automatically downloaded or just saved.
Every time a new file is generated an Event is triggered.


You can generate .txt , .json, .html, .svg files, and more.
Furthermore, all generated files will be saved within your Bubble application for you to use.

How to Setup

Drag the "Generate Files" Element onto your page. You can generate a new file by triggering the "generate" action within your workflows.
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Simply specify the file name INCLUDING the extension, as well as the actual content of the file that should be generated.
If you enable autodownload, the file will be automatically downloaded upon generation.
You have access to the URL of the generated file by using the Element's "Uploaded File" state. Every time a new file is generated an Event is triggered.
You can use this event to add the generated file to a thing within your application.
An example would be to add the file generated to a thing within your app, by using the workflow "make changes to thing" and then adding the Element's Uploaded file to a field within the thing.

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