Open AI Content Filter API

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This plugin allows you to use the Content Filter API from Open AI
This API can be used to filter texts for inappropriate content and is often used in conjunction with GPT-3 generated output.
We are in no way affiliated with openai. You need your own API keys to use this API.


How to Setup

You will need your own API keys from Open AI (they are currently in Beta) to use the API and this plugin. Once you have the API keys, head over to the plugins tab and enter your API key in the following format: "Bearer YOURAPIKEY".
You can now use the Content Filter within your workflows as an action. Simply provide the text that should be checked.
The API call will return a series of data, the most important one is the "text" parameter. If the text parameter is 2, the text is unsafe.
For more info on the returned values please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

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