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This plugin allows you to dynamically search through your text and highlight any keywords, similar to using the Ctrl + F functionality within your browser.
You can specify what Keyword should be searched for and if the search should be case sensitive, the text color, the background color, and set the highlighted text bold.
This plugin can be used to highlight certain words within a text and set the focus on them for your users.


From version 1.2.0 plugin supports searching through inputs and multiline inputs!

How to Setup

After installing the plugin, go to Settings->General of your app and expose the option to add ID attributes to HTML Elements. See a short guide here: https://docs.rapidevelopers.com/how-to-assign-an-id-to-the-element You now have access to the "Highlight" action within your workflows.
Simply trigger the action within a workflow and specify all the parameters, including the element ID of the text that should be targeted. You can set the element id within the element inspector.

Frequently Asked Questions

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