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This plugin allows you to generate JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) within your Bubble application. These are often used to authenticate with third-party applications/APIs.
The plugin runs on the server and allows you to generate and sign JWTs for the following algorithms: HS256, HS384, HS512, RS256, RS384, RS512, ES256, ES384, ES512.
You can set the payload of the JWT, the expiration time, the time before it becomes valid, and the secret key to sign the JWT.
For the RSA and ECDSA algorithms, you will have to use an encoded private key. You also have access to the "Verify JWT" action which allows you to decode and check the validity of a JWT.


How to Setup

You have access to 2 server-side actions:

1. Generate a JWT

This action allows you to generate a JWT. You will have to provide a payload in a valid JSON format. In this payload, you can define the data that should be encoded in the JWT.
You will also have to provide a secret key. This is a string, buffer, or object containing either the secret for HMAC algorithms or the PEM-encoded private key for RSA and ECDSA. The secret key is used to sign the JWT and can be used to decode it again.
You can also set the expiry time and the time before the JWT becomes valid.
After triggering the action you will have access to the JWT in subsequent steps. You can also access a returned error value if there is one.

2. Verify JWT

This allows you to verify the validity and read the contents of a JWT. Just enter the JWT and the secret key with which it was signed. You can also access a returned error value if there is one.

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