Color Formatter

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This plugin allows you to convert colors into other formats and do some color processing.
It runs server side and the actions can be triggered within your workflows.


Supported Actions: Hex to RGB, Hex to Name, Hex to HSL, Hex to HSV, Hex to Hex8, Any Color to Hex, Random Color, Get Brightness of color, Is the color light/dark, is the color a valid color.

How to Setup

After installing this plugin you have access to a series of actions which you can find under the plugins submenu in your workflows.
Choose one of the actions and supply the required input (e.g.: Hex color, RGB color, etc.)
Each action will return some data to which you have access in subsequent workflow steps. For example, you could have an input where a user enters a color and a button that says validate.
Once the Button Validate is pressed, you run the action "Is Color Valid" and supply the color entered by the user.
You can then show a popup in step 2, only when "Result of Step 1's is valid" is true.

Frequently Asked Questions

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