Recipe Food API - Documentation


The only food API you'll ever need! Complex food ontology, which allows us to understand the relationships between ingredients, recipes, nutrition, allergens, and more.

Getting Started

Paste your API key in the relevant places in the plugin tab.

Visualize Elements

Recipe Food Api plugin includes an element "Recipe Visualize".
With this element and relevant actions, you can show your own recipe or a ready-made recipe's ingredients, equipment, nutrients, price breakdown, and taste status.


Element: Show your recipe's stuff on your page.
  • Recipe Visualize
Actions (Plugins): Makes API Calls. If the recipe to show something is already exists and assigned to an ID by spoonacular, you must use actions with "by ID" at the end.
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients By ID
  • Equipments
  • Equipments By ID
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition By ID
  • Taste
  • Taste By ID
  • Price Breakdown
Actions (Element Actions): API calls are made with actions (plugins) above and the information of the recipe is returned.
These actions below are used to direct this information to the "Recipe Visualize" element.
  • Ingredients API Call Recipe Visualize
  • Equipments API Call Recipe Visualize
  • Nutrition API Call Recipe Visualize
  • Price API Call Recipe Visualize
  • Taste API Call Recipe Visualize
  • Clear a Recipe Visualize: Clears the "Recipe Visualize" element.


  • Draw "Recipe Visualize" into the page.
  • Create an event as you wish like "When Page is Loaded" on workflow tab.
  • Add an action and choose what do you wanna show:
Image without caption
  • Determine your data source for the ingredient list.
Image without caption
Image without caption
  • Add an action and choose what you show in the "Recipe Visualize" element.
Image without caption
Image without caption
  • Preview the page:
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List of endpoints that come with the plugin

  1. Search Recipes
  1. Search Recipes by Ingredients
  1. Get Recipe Information
  1. Search Recipes by Nutrients
  1. Get Recipe Information Bulk
  1. Get Similar Recipes
  1. Get Random Recipes
  1. Autocomplete Recipe Search
  1. Get Recipe Equipment by ID
  1. Get Recipe Price Breakdown by ID
  1. Get Recipe Taste by ID
  1. Get Recipe Ingredients by ID
  1. Get Recipe Nutrition Widget by ID
  1. Get Analyzed Recipe Instructions
  1. Extract Recipe from Website
  1. Summarize Recipe
  1. Analyze Recipe Instructions
  1. Classify Cuisine
  1. Analyze a Recipe Search Query
  1. Guess Nutrition by Dish Name
  1. Get Ingredient Information
  1. Convert Amounts
  1. Compute Ingredient Amount
  1. Parse Ingredients
  1. Autocomplete Ingredient Search
  1. Get Ingredient Substitutes
  1. Get Ingredient Substitutes by ID
  1. Search Grocery Products
  1. Search Grocery Products by UPC
  1. Get Product Information
  1. Get Comparable Products
  1. Autocomplete Product Search
  1. Classify Grocery Product
  1. Classify Grocery Product Bulk
  1. Map Ingredients to Grocery Products
  1. Search Menu Items
  1. Get Menu Item Information
  1. Autocomplete Menu Item Search
  1. Get Meal Plan Week
  1. Get Meal Plan Day
  1. Generate Meal Plan
  1. Add to Meal Plan type INGREDIENTS
  1. Add to Meal Plan type OTHERS
  1. Add to Meal Plan type CUSTOM-FOOD
  1. Delete from Meal Plan
  1. Get Meal Plan Templates
  1. Get Meal Plan Template
  1. Get Shopping List
  1. Add to Shopping List
  1. Delete from the Shopping List
  1. Search Custom Foods
  1. Connect User
  1. Get Dish Pairing for Wine
  1. Get Wine Pairing
  1. Get Wine Description
  1. Get Wine Recommendation
  1. Search All Food
  1. Image Classification by URL
  1. Image Classification by File
  1. Image Analysis by File
  1. Image Analysis by URL
  1. Search Food Videos
  1. Quick Answer
  1. Detect Food in Text
  1. Search Site Content
  1. Get a Random Food Joke
  1. Get Random Food Trivia
  1. Talk to Chatbot
  1. Get Conversation Suggests
  1. Create Recipe Card
  1. Compute Ingredient Amount
  1. Compute Shopping List
  1. Visualize Recipe Taste by ID
  1. Ingredient Search