Paypal Recurring Payments

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This plugin allows you to integrate PayPal Subscriptions into your Bubble applications.
You can create subscription plans via your PayPal dashboard and then subscribe users to these plans using this plugin.
This plugin also supports API calls to manage PayPal subscriptions.


How to Setup

1. Sign up at and create a new application
2. After installing the plugin, copy your Sandbox or Live Client ID from Paypal and paste it into the plugin field labeled "Client ID".
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3. Create a new Product and Subscription Plan in your Paypal Dashboard Copy the Plan ID.
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4. Drag the Paypal Element onto your page and paste the Plan ID from step 3 to which the user should be subscribed.
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Users can now pay via the smart Checkout buttons.

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Plugin Element Proprieties

You have access to 1 state: Subscription ID.
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This state is created once a transaction has been successful. You can save this value and use it in subsequent API calls.
You also have access to 3 Events:
  • A payment has been successful: This is triggered if a user has successfully completed a payment
  • A payment has been canceled: This is triggered if the user cancels the checkout process
  • Payment Error: This is triggered when an error occurred during the transaction
You have access to various API Calls. To first make an API call, you will need an access token. You can generate the access token using the Action "Access Token".
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You will have to provide your PayPal Client ID and Secret ID (Sandbox or Live).
Please be aware that Access tokens have an expiration. You can keep track of when an access token expires, by saving the field called "expiration" that is returned after you trigger the "Access Token" action.
The following workflows are included for sandbox and live versions:
1. Cancel Plan (Cancel a subscription)
2. Get Subscription Details (Returns details of a subscription)
For more information please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated guidance to find Client ID

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