jQuery Set/Add Attributes

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This plugin allows you to set or add HTML attributes to the elements in your Bubble app. HTML attributes are extra information you can specify for an element, such as ID, class, style, src, href, etc.
HTML attributes can modify the appearance or behavior of an element, such as changing its color, size, position, link, image source, etc.


This plugin is useful for customizing your elements without coding. You can get it for free and install it in any bubble app.

How to Setup

  • Open the Bubble Editor of the app you want to add the plugin to.
  • Go to the Plugins tab and click on Add Plugins.
  • Search for jQuery Set/Add Attributes By Rapid Dev and click on Install.
  • Confirm your installation and go back to the Design tab.
  • Use the Set an attribute action in a workflow and target the element using the id. Set the attribute name and value that you want to add or modify.

Frequently Asked Questions

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