Prevent Duplicate Windows/Tabs

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This plugin allows you to detect if a user has opened more than one window/tab within your website at the same time.
Once a new tab/window is detected, an event is triggered. You can show a popup, alert, or block access to your page's content.
You can also choose whether or not the window/tab should automatically close and set the delay.


How to Setup

Simply drag the duplicate window element onto the page you want the effect to apply.
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If a duplicate window/tab is detected, the "A duplicate tab has been detected" event is triggered. You can access this event within a workflow and show an alert, popup, etc.
Furthermore, you can also specify if the window/tab should auto-close once a duplicate window/tab has been detected.
If you check this box, you can also specify the delay in milliseconds until the window/tab is closed.

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