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This Plugin uses the ColorTag API, which is a powerful API for color detection. You can upload any image and the Plugin will return a list of the colors (in HEX color code) that are present in the image.
For a demo of the API in action, you can visit:
You can grab an API Key from:


How to Setup

Once you have the plugin installed, head over to and sign up for an account (if you don't have one already).
Once signed up and logged in, search for the "ColorTag" API.
Click on Pricing and sign up for the Tier that you require. On the "BASIC" tier, the first 500 calls a month are free.
Once signed up to a tier, go to the tab labeled "endpoints" and look for your "X-RapidAPI-Key". Copy your Key and paste it into the API Key Field of this Plugin.
Now you can implement the API in your Bubble App.
For example, set up a text field and click on dynamic data -> Get data from external API -> Color Tag API and Choose the image that should be used. The Image source can be dynamic.
Please Note the Image Restrictions: Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, and GIF Resolution: up to 8192Γ—8192 File size: up to 20 MBytes

Frequently Asked Questions

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