Workflow Folders

All workflows are grouped into folders. So that it is easier to put folders that contain similar actions, next to each other.
Workflows folders on each page are different and you can easily individuate them.

Workflow Colors

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Blue - Client Side Actions
"Client-side" actions happening on the page that don't use up your app's capacity. These include most of the "Element Actions" actions.
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Green - New/Modify Data Actions
Actions that create new Things or modify Things (table entries in the database).
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Purple - Custom States Actions
Actions that utilize custom state values or sets the value of custom states.
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Red - Delete Thing/Remove Thing from List Actions
Actions that delete Things or remove Things from a field's List of Things. Or actions that reset groups and inputs' values.
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Orange - Navigation Actions
Actions that navigate the User to other pages within the application. Or "Do When Condition is True" events which utilize page parameters.
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Cyan - Custom Events Actions
Custom Events.

Backend Workflows

Cloneflix includes "backend workflows" to work with high performance and automate some data operations.
Cloneflix includes one paid plugin (Wonderful Video & Image Slider) and backend workflows. To use this template with all-inclusive, you need to purchase the plugin ($2 monthly/ $18 lifetime) and upgrade your plan to "personal" at least.
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