Marketo - Marketplace like Amazon Template

About this Template


Marketo no-code template replicates Amazon's main functionality, bringing buyers and sellers together on a custom marketplace platform. It’s a multi-vendor platform allowing the sale of physical goods.
It uses Stripe for split payments, allowing the platform to facilitate payments between the buyer and seller while the marketplace owner keeps the commission from each sale. It’s packed with the admin dashboard to help with managing the platform.Β 
Our Marketo template is an attractive option for those looking to move into e-commerce and scale with ease. The template is easy to customize, allowing the marketplace to be ready to adapt to the changing and competitive e-commerce landscape.



  • Add items to the platform (photos, description, items available)
  • Manage the ordersΒ 
  • Keep track of items sold
  • Mark the order as shipped
  • Add the tracking number for the order & set estimated delivery dates
  • Make an order
  • Add items to the wishlist
  • Start a dispute on the order made in case of any issues


  • Add items to the wishlist
  • Make an order
  • Become a seller
  • Start a dispute in case of any issue

Admin (platform owner)

  • Keep track of sellers & buyers
  • Set/change platform commission
  • View all the orders made
  • Manage users (both buyers & sellers)
  • Approve/decline items added to the platform by sellers
  • Resolve a dispute


  • Landing page
  • Responsive design (made on the new Bubble Responsive Engine)
  • Light and Dark mode UI
  • Split payments powered by Stripe
  • Admin dashboard
  • Buyer and Seller dashboards
  • Dark Mode

Video Overview


Live Demo! Give it a try here:🀩

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