Livestats - Real Time Google Analytics Template


Real Time Google Analytics Template is a no-code template that allows users to see their multi-website Google Analytics visitor data on a single page, with updates of every 15 seconds. After purchasing this template you can customize it to add more data sources that are important for your company or for your clients.


  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Manage and edit Google analytics views
  • Modern and responsive design

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Data Structures

User ​ ​

It comes with the following fields: emailtext, userviews, viewed_tooltip.

GA Report

It comes with the following fields: account, nicknametext, property, rt_active_users, rt_metrics, rt_rows,rt_total_results, view_ID,​ view_name.



Acts as a login/sign up page, the user is created on this page and saved in the database.


The page is designed as an error page when a user tries to reach an unavailable page.


A default page to reset the password from Bubble.

Things to Note

This template uses the Extended Google Analytics plugin to connect to your GA account and display data on the template.
Prerequisites: You will need a developer account with Google in order interact with the Plugin: Enable Google Analytics API in Dashboard
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Demo to preview the template