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Bidster template is a no-code online platform where individuals can buy websites and online businesses. It is a buy-and-sell marketplace, much like eBay – but only for digital assets: websites, Amazon FBA businesses, apps, and domains.
Bidster allows anyone to list any digital asset for sale either at a fixed price or in an auction, and anybody can bid. Users can buy any site for sale as buyers.
Listing is easy, the seller should provide a description, screenshots, and some other details about the business being sold.
The app charges fees to the sellers and takes a commission on every sale that occurs on the platform. The % can be different for each category.


  • Online website auctions & bidding
  • Buy it Now function
  • Responsive design
  • Payments powered by Stripe
  • Admin dashboard
  • Four listing types
  • Three types of bidding limits β€œStarting price", "Reserve price", β€œBuy now price"
  • Messaging


User (both seller & buyer)

  • Can search & filter sites to fit within the budget
  • Can purchase the listed asset or business immediately by making an offer via a Buy It Now
  • Bids on an auction that is upcoming
  • Add a listing to the watchlist to track its price changes
  • List their own digital asset
  • Enable an immediate purchase by setting a Buy It Now at the desired price
  • Offer listings in an auction format.

Platform owner

  • Set listing fee, % for each category
  • Add/change Stripe account
  • See all listings/users
Important: This template uses recurring workflows with a frequency that requires a subscription to the Professional (or higher) plan at Bubble. However, you are free to modify these workflows or remove them altogether if you wish to stay on the Hobby or Personal plan.

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