Fundstarter - Crowdfunding like Indiegogo Template

About this Template


Fundstarter is a no-code crowdfunding platform for those seeking funding for diverse campaigns like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.
All kinds of projects are accepted for fundraising on the platform: from some personal causes and events toΒ innovative projects that can be brought to life through the direct support of others.
How it works? Fundraisers present their projects, while contributors fund those projects. When enough creators have funded the project, it can be closed by its creator.
Fundraisers set up a page to describe their project using text and video, and add a funding goal and a deadline. Projects should be approved by the admin prior to becoming public.


  • Sign up with Google and Facebook & regular
  • Flexible onboarding with location detection via IP
  • Regular email signup
  • Twitter sign up email fallback
  • Flexible onboarding with location detection via IP
  • Two contribution types: Votes & Money
  • Payments powered by Stripe with webhooks implemented
  • Custom card payment forms
  • Fundraiser payouts via Stripe or Paypal
  • Beautified URLs for fundraiser and user profile pages (with fallbacks for un-set usernames)
  • AJAX-style navigation
  • Same page editing for fundraisers
  • Transactional email workflow actions for key events
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Fully mobile responsive design



  • Publish a project
  • Receive a payout once the funding goal is reached
  • View other projects
  • Contribute to a project using a card or Paypal
  • Leave a comment on a project

Admin (platform owner)

  • Set platform commission, %
  • Manage fundraisers (launch, pause, reject, delete)
  • Manage users
  • View all the contributions
  • Manage all the comments on the projects.

Video Overview


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