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Coursely is a no-code template for online instructors, trainers, and aspiring edupreneurs suitable for creating an online course platform similar to Udemy.
It’s an online learning and course platform that offers the opportunity to learn or create andΒ sell online courses.
Coursely is a marketplace, where an instructor’s course is part of a catalog. Instructors can offer as many courses as they like, with various pricing options.Β 
Coursely helps the instructors and edupreneurs build a vibrant, active paid community around their online courses.Β 
Students can take a single class to dive deeply into a particular topic or enrol in a few courses to gain comprehensive knowledge of an area of study. The app has a responsive design, so any learner can engage in education from anywhere, at any time.


  • Landing page
  • Responsive design
  • Stripe payments (Stripe Plugin by Bubble)
  • Admin dashboard (please note there are some limitations set for the demo user, to prevent data deletion from the test app)
  • Messaging system
  • Social media share links



- Create a video course - Add lectures - Publish a video courseΒ  - Sell a video course - Send a message to the Student - Enrol in a course or a few as a Student


- Enrol in a course or a fewΒ  - Become an Instructor - Leave a review for an instructor - Send a message to the Instructor

Platform owner

- Manages the platform users - Approves classes before they become public - Manages the courses added - Sets the platform fee, %

Video Overview


Give it a try here: 🀩

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