Learny SaaS - Online Learning Platform Template

About this Template


Online learning has accelerated significantly over the last few years, as the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills.
Learny SaaS Online Learning template is a no-code platform that will help you ride the subscription-learning wave and run your own education platform or school.
Learning subscriptions are an online educational model where students can subscribe to a service by paying usually monthly or yearly. They then have access to educational content whenever and wherever they want, as long as they continue to pay the fee.
Our Learny template can help you build a steady revenue stream with subscription learning and scale it across your products.
It gives theΒ studentsΒ access to theΒ course contentΒ wherever they are and on whatever device they prefer, such as mobiles, laptops, or tablets.


  • Landing page
  • Responsive design (updated to the new Bubble Responsive Engine)
  • Wistia integration as a hosting solution for all video lectures
  • Subscriptions & payments powered by Stripe (3 subscription plans)
  • Payments powered by Stripe
  • Powerful admin dashboard to manage the platform
  • URL sharing
  • Comments and replies section for discussions
  • Regular & social login (via Google & Facebook Logins)
  • Logs and Statistics


Platform owner (admin)

  • add an unlimited number of courses (each course can have its own curriculum organized around sections and classes)
  • Host them at Wistia
  • Add/Edit course categories & tags
  • Manage users
  • See logs&statistics
  • Manage platform reviews
  • Manage the FAQs section on the main page


  • Can subscribe to content using one of 3 plans
  • Can use coupons on subscribing to get a discount
  • Can watch the course at their own pace
  • Can leave a comment for a course
  • Is able to leave a review for the platform

Video Overview


Live Demo! Give it a try here: https://learningsaas.bubbleapps.io/ 🀩

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