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Hello! πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Circlely - Community Builder template's documentation. In this documentation, we explained what the template is, what it is used for, the project scope, data structures, page structures, permissions, how workflows are used and added to folders, where backend workflows are used, and how they are added to folders. This template is as presented, if you find an important bug it will be tried to be resolved as quickly as possible. Please send an e-mail to for your questions, inquiries, and other things.
β€” Rapid Dev.

About Circlely - Community Builder Template

Circlely is a great app for those who want to build their own community. It was manufactured as a clone of It has a great design, advanced features, and a fully responsive.
This template has been carefully crafted using mainly database triggers, backend workflows, and recursive workflows so your members will feel very comfortable using your app.
To prevent the deletion and editing of some test data, we have disabled their related workflows. You can reactivate these workflows after purchasing the template. Click here to learn how.
Multiple backend workflows are used in this template. Due to Bubble's pricing policy, these do not work on the "free" plan. Don't forget to upgrade to a paid plan after purchasing the template to make sure everything is working correctly.


Main spaces (Upper category)
  • Main Spaces are the upper area where the spaces are connected. This allows you to categorize your topics.
Spaces (Subcategory)
  • Posts shared by users are listed in the space (you can imagine it as a subcategory). Each space has two separate areas within itself. Posts and members. By switching to the Members tab, you can view the member's profile or send him/her a direct message.
  • Your members can share posts, like posts, leave comments on posts, or reply to comments.
  • Your members can directly message each other. A member can prevent direct messages from being sent to himself/herself if he/she wishes.
  • You get an advanced notification system. Each notification can be controlled separately for each scenario. You can mark all as read, read individually, unfollow a post immediately, block further notifications, or delete notifications.
Tip: Find out more on how to work with a template on Bubble here:


  • Members can receive notifications for comments on their own posts and vice versa.
  • Members can receive notifications for incoming direct messages and vice versa.
  • Members can receive notifications for the likes of their comments and vice versa.
  • Members can receive notifications for likes on their own posts and vice versa.
  • Members can receive notifications for all new posts and vice versa.
  • Members can receive notifications for replies to their comments and vice versa.
  • Members can allow their email addresses to be viewed by other members and vice versa.
  • Members can delete their own comments.
  • Admins can receive notifications for reported posts and vice versa.

Data Types

  • Comment β†’ Holds user post comments.
  • Conversation β†’ Holds user conversations.
  • Followed Posts - Holds posts that users follow.
  • Like β†’ Holds post or comment likes.
  • Main Space β†’ Holds spaces.
  • Messages β†’ Holds conversation messages.
  • Notifications β†’ Holds user notifications.
  • Post β†’ Holds user posts.
  • Report β†’ Holds user reports.
  • Spaces β†’ Holds spaces.
  • Spaces Members - Holds space members.
  • User β†’ Holds user credentials and user details.
  • User Details β†’ Holds user's details.
  • User Permissions β†’ Holds user's permissions.

Privacy Rules

Data rules for type Conversation:
Data rules for type Messages:
Data rules for type Notifications:
Data rules for type Reports:
Data rules for type User:
Data rules for type User Permissions:


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Relative Positioner (Float)
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RepeatingGroup to Chat
Rich Text Editor
ZQ Fuzzy Search & Autocomplete

Getting Started

Hello! πŸ‘‹
Thank you for using the Circlely - Community Builder to build your Bubble app. You can start using your own application by following the installation guide below.

Get the template

Click here to get the "Circlely - Community Builder" template through Bubble's template marketplace.

Create a new app with the template

  1. Click on the "New App Button".
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  1. Take down your app details and choose "Circlely - Community Builder" template and click on the "create a new app" button.
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