There are 8 plugins used in Cloneflix. Seven of them are free plugins and one of them is paid plugin.
Cloneflix includes one paid plugin (Wonderful Video & Image Slider) and backend workflows. To use this template with all-inclusive, you need to purchase the plugin ($2 monthly/ $18 lifetime) and upgrade your plan to "personal" at least.
  • AirAlert (FREE) β†’ Used to show alarm to users with a beautiful design
  • Chart Element (FREE) β†’ Used to present admin dashboard with a beautiful design
  • Ionic Elements (FREE) β†’ Used for icons and toggles
  • Mouse & Keyboard Interactions (FREE) β†’ Used to set X and Y positions of "GroupFocus" in "Content Slider" reusable element
  • Slidebar Menu (FREE) β†’ Used for mobile menu in header
  • Stripe β†’ Used for subscription payments
  • Toolbox β†’ Used in "Content Slider" reusable element to bring "GroupFocus" to the user with a more fluid experience
  • Wonderful Video & Image Slider ($2 month or $18 once) β†’ Used in "Content Slider" reusable element so that content can be listed similar to Netflix
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β†’ Purchase "Cloneflix - Video Streaming Like Netflix" template