Pages & Reusable Elements


  • Index β†’ The page where the video contents are listed
  • Account β†’ The page where the user can manage their email, password and subscription
  • Admin β†’ The page where the admin can add content, see the dashboard, send notifications, change account information
  • Landing β†’ Landing page for new users
  • Login β†’ Page for logging in, registering and subscribing
  • My List β†’ The page that lists the content that the profile has added to its list
  • Popular β†’ The page where the most liked content is listed
  • Privacy β†’ Page with privacy policy and terms of use
  • Profile β†’ Add a new profile or edit an existing profile page
  • Watch β†’ The page where the video content is watched
  • Reset Pw β†’ Password reset page
  • 404 β†’ Redirect page in page not found state

Reusable Elements

  • Content Slider β†’ Page listing content with Wonderful Video & Image Slider
  • Delete A Thing β†’ Popup to confirm the data to be deleted
  • Footer β†’ Group with page redirects
  • Header β†’ Group containing page redirects, content search box, and notifications
  • Icon - Add to List β†’ Icon for adding content to the list
  • Icon - Like β†’ Icon for like content
  • Icon - Play β†’ Icon for start watching content
  • Popup Content Details β†’ Popup with details of the content