Data Structure

Data Types

  • Content Details β†’ It store data such as description, trailer video ID, own video ID of the content
  • Contents β†’ Store created contents
  • Episodes β†’ Store created serial content's episodes
  • Likes β†’ Store every single content each profile likes
  • List β†’ Store every single content that each profile adds to its list
  • Notifications β†’ Store every created notification
  • Profiles β†’ Store users' profiles
  • Promotion β†’ Store promoted content
  • User β†’ Store users
  • User Notifications β†’ Store data on which profiles the created notifications are sent to


Privacy rule applied to only one data type.
  • Data rules for type User β†’ "Admin" can view all fields, find users in searces, view attached files "Current User" can view all fields, find users in searches, view attached files "Everyone else" can see anything

Option sets

  • App Settings β†’ Manage your app's app name, logo text, privacy policy and terms of use
  • Categories β†’ Manage contents' categories
  • Content Types β†’ Manage contents' types
  • FAQ β†’ Manage frequently asked questions
  • Subscription Plans β†’ Manage subscription plans

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