The Logic: How Everything Works?

In this section you will learn how everything works.
How do restaurants and couriers get paid? Restaurants and Couriers sign up as a seller with their Stripe account to the app. Thus, they can get paid when a order delivered to customer. The information that the order has been delivered is processed by the courier. As soon as this information is processed, money is transferred to the courier and restaurant. How much do restaurants and couriers earn?
This is determined by the admin from admin dashboard.
The courier earns as β†’ the distance between the restaurant and the customer * per kilometer fee
The restaurants earns as β†’ Total price of meals - app commission
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How is delivery fee callculated:
It’s calculated by (courier fee per kilometer * distance between restaurant and customer)
When the customer get charged?
Payment is received when the user creates the order. This process is handled by Stripe.