Scalability & Performance

When you start your new business with the Foody template, it is your right to find out how scalable your application is.
First of all, you need to know that The Bubble team is constantly looking to optimize scalability and performance. This means improvements to both the Bubble platform to handle all the thousands of Bubble apps (our scalability and performance), as well as to the platform so that Bubble apps provide a good experience for their end-users.
The performance and scaling of a Bubble app are heavily impacted by how the app is built. The Foody template is developed by the talented developers of Rapid Dev. Foody works extremely optimized and high performance. To make sure of this, you can test the template.

How many users can use my app at the same time?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to how much instantaneous user traffic your application can handle, because the functions of each application, how it is built, and the number of workflows that can work instantly is different.
At this point, the "Logs" tab in the application editor comes to help us. From this tab, you can see how much of the application's capacity is spent, at what time intervals it is approaching its limits, and which workflows are consuming capacity. When you need it, you can increase your limits by upgrading or purchasing additional capacity.
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