Reusable Elements Overview

This section states the purpose of each reusable element.


Reusable Element - an element that contains other elements, like a group, that can be used in more than one place. This is useful when reusing the same elements often.
Tip: See Bubble Reference for details πŸ™‚

Reusable Elements


This reusable element is used to display the user name.
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The footer reusable element is located at the bottom of a page. It provides an example of how it can include external links, such as company's social media, navigation and copyright notices. A great website footer design keeps people engaged and moving through the website. The workflows included with this element are pretty straightforward to follow.
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This reusable element is customizable, so it is possible to change styles and content of element while keeping workflows or using as inspiration for your own.
Tip:Β AddΒ PrivacyΒ andΒ TermsΒ page links here, as well as create separate pages for these links. It will help you go through App Store and Google Play approval procedures, in case you convert your Bubble app intoΒ nativeΒ iOS and Android apps. These links are also important forΒ FacebookΒ login.


This reusable element is a pop-up element used for simple sign-up and login processes.
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This reusable element is used to display a popup menu.
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This reusable element is used to notify the users about their ban status.
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