Setup Guide

This guide is the beginning of the documentation with the built-in Notes for the database. Will help you gain a better understanding of how the template and Bubble works.

Starting with the Template

Once you have bought or added a template to your account, you will see a dropdown in the New Application popup that lets you pick a template as the basis for the new application.
Note: this can only be done when you create a new app.
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After you’ve selected a template you bought, complete the other fields with necessary data (i.e: Name of the new app, What kind of application you are building, etc) and press Create a new app.
Tip: A template isn’t a theme for your app, but a pre-built set of elements and workflows. You can modify the template as you would modify another app.
Wait for Bubble to load the application with all the data.
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After the application has loaded, you’ll see the bubble assistant on the left side for New Application. You can close it or follow the assistant steps to adjust different settings.
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Congrats! You have successfully created a Bubble app based on your template. Now, you can proceed with the setups and dive into Bubble no-code development toolset.

Google Geocode API key

Note: For application proper work you will need to create a Google Developer account to get the API key. Follow the steps:
Image without caption Plugin API Setup

Once this template is purchased, you will need to set up your API key for the random string generator plugin. API setup:
  • Go to, and create an account. You will be allowed to access it once you have successfully verified your email address and activated your account.
  • Click on Your Account and then click on Account Overview, you will see API Services. You click Create a new API Key to create a random string generator for your app.
  • Copy the API key and post it in the fields located below in the Plugins view
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URL Router for Navigation

Note: Since plugin version 1.5.0, the β€œdeveloper version” field has been removed. Updating this plugin to a version higher than 1.5.0 might lead to errored navigation within the development version of your app.

Remove Demo Login

This template comes with demo accounts and demo buttons for testing purposes, which do not require a full sign-up process in order to test the platform features. Feel free to delete these login options in your app.
Tip: Please note that deleting the demo buttons will delete the button workflows as well. Removing these demo options doesn’t affect any other aspect of the template.
In order to delete demo items, follow the instructions:
  • delete the β€œDemo Login” button both on the sign_up and login pages:
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Remove Banner

This template comes with a promotional banner above the Header element. Feel free to remove it from your app.
Banner: See the instructions on how to remove the Rapid Dev Banner in your template.