Reusable Elements Overview

This section states the purpose of each reusable element.


Reusable Element - an element that contains other elements, like a group, that can be used in more than one place. This is useful when reusing the same elements often.
Tip: See Bubble Reference for details πŸ™‚

Reusable Elements


The header reusable element sits at the top of each page and serves a few very important purposes. It does provide a place for the company's logo, navigation and page title which are part of a consistent user experience that all good websites share.
Other common header features are search, shopping cart (for e-commerce), login/logout, user profile, and notifications (if applicable). The workflows included with this element are pretty straightforward to follow.
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This reusable element is customizable, so it is possible to change styles and content of element while keeping workflows or using as inspiration for your own.
Tip: Initially, the design elements might be hidden in the editor.
Here is how to unhide πŸ‘€ them:
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Here, users can check their account, subscriptions, change settings, logout, etc.
The subscriptions are powered by Stripe and offers users to take a free tour for 7 or 14 days, then the trial period ends and they are are prompted to pay for either annual or monthly plan.
Tip: See the instructions on how to configure payments in the Setup Guide -> Payments section.

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