Pages Overview

This section states the purpose of each page.


In this summary, we will describe each page and its content. The Page Element is the fundamental one that contains all the other elements.
Tip: See Bubble Reference for more information about Pages element πŸ™‚



This is the main page typically encountered first on the web app that usually contains links to the other pages of the site. A homepage includes a variety of menus that make it easy for users to find the information they need.
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This simple but colorful page displays a list of topic posts while it also houses links to Signup and Ask pages. A search bar is also found on this page to enable user to find specific topic posts.
Note: Switching between tabs works by changing elements’ custom states.


New topics are added on this page while assigning a category and subject to the post. The latest topics can be easily accessed here.
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This page is designed to manage platform data, e.g. Users, Categories, and Statistics. Only users with admin rights are able to access this page (in read-only mode), and those users who have access rights can edit or delete anything here.
This page is designed to manage the app with possibilities to:
  • view all users + delete user option
  • view/create/delete categories
  • view user/post statistics by month and year
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Admin: See the instructions on how to grant Admin Rights in your template.


This page allows seeing images in full size that has being posted on the topic.
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This page allows seeing images in full size that has being posted in a reaction.
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This page displays a list of topic posts loved by the current user.
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This page holds the user's profile information - picture, name, email address, and user's latest topics.
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The current topic is seen on this page. Also, a list of the latest topics is visible on the right side.
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Here, users reset their password after accessing the link in the mail.
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This is a page for 404 redirect errors, informing users that the web page they are looking for cannot be found.
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