JustFans - OnlyFans Clone Template

About this Template


JustFans is a social media app like OnlyFans. Content creators share content and users who want to see this content subscribe.
Like most social media apps, it has a feed feature. To maximize the interaction between users, it includes a comment and reply system.
A messaging system was added so that content creators and subscribers could communicate with each other. Besides that, a highly advanced notification system is included in this template.
With this product designed as a single page, you can increase your social media experience!
JustFans includes backend workflows. To use this template with all-inclusive, you need to upgrade your plan to "personal" at least.


  • One-page design (except admin&creator panels)
  • OnlyFans-like appearance
  • Stripe payments
  • Subscription plans for users (they can choose between plans below)
    • Free
    • 10$
    • 15$
    • 20$
    • 30$
    • 40$
    • 50$
  • Three user types (user, admin, creator)
  • Advanced creator dashboard
  • Advanced admin panel
  • User Profile tab
  • Notifications
  • Story features like Instagram (with videos)
  • Message feature between subscribers and creator
  • Registered users can:
    • subscribe to multiple creators
    • like the creator's posts
    • create comments
    • create replies
    • like comments
    • bookmark posts
  • Admin can send e-mail to all or specific users
  • The creator can send the same message at once to all subscribers
  • Updated documentation

Video Overview


🀩 Live demo! Give it a try here: https://justfans.bubbleapps.io/

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